How do you use the Pax?

Flex/Click the the metal disk back and forth to start the heat reaction. Knead the Infinity Pax Pad to soften. Place where you desire and enjoy!

How do you reuse the Pax?

Boil water in a pot or pan and place the Pax on a cloth. Alternatively, you can wrap the pad in a cloth. Boil the pad until all of the crystals have dissolved and the Pax is completely clear. CAREFULLY remove from the boiling water and allow the Pax to cool down. If you see any crystals, continue to boil the Pax. Once the Pax has completely cooled, it may be used again.

What are the Pax made of?

Infinity Pax are made of a food grade sodium acetate (salt base) mixed with water. The outside layer is made of medical grade plastic and the clicker disk is a stainless steel ring.

How can these be used as a cold Pax?

For cold Pax use, place the Pax in the fridge or freezer for 30 minutes. After that time period, remove from fridge/freezer and it’s ready for cooling comfort!

My Pax won't heat or crystalize, is it broken?

There are times when the Pax may still be too hot after boiling. Please give the Pax more time to cool and attempt additional flexes / clicks on the disk.

What if my Pax is punctured or broken?

Infinity Pax has a lifetime warranty! We encourage you to exchange the Pax for a brand new one on our behalf!


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